Meet the team

Family owned // Based in frenchtown & missoula, montana


Wade Gooden, family oriented & owner of Gooden Construction, isn't afraid to get his hands dirty. When needed he jumps in and isn't any different then the rest of his team. Gooden Construction has many important people who make Gooden Construction what it is today. His son works side by side with Wade and the rest of them. Heather Gooden runs Grizzly Cabinets, another bonus when working with Gooden Construction, discounted premium cabinets & one less thing to outsource. They pride themselves on their commitment & availability. Their diverse team is easy to get a hold of, reliable, respectful and hard workers. Their employees aren't just employees they are family.


Gooden Construction works diligently, making sure every detail of your dream home is perfect for you, your family and your guests. They offer free estimates and consultations for all types projects, re-models, additions, contemporary modern or custom timber work.


We are based out of a small town, just a few miles outside of Missoula, called Frenchtown, Montana.


While Wade and his family enjoy Missoula, they love Frenchtown for the quiet, peaceful, and slow paced environment. There's just something about a small town & their friendly vibes.

Know the facts

01 - GOODEN TEAM = less subcontractors, faster turnaround & more control.

02 - We want to get to know each client & we will. Communication is key.

03 - We specialize in custom timber work.

04 - We aren't afraid of figuring out how to make something work, vs just saying no.

05 - We love to hunt & spend time at the lake when not working.

06 - Relationships are important to us & don't be surprised if we become friends. We love our clients and care tremendously.

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Missoula, Montana & Flathead Area