Beauty Knows No Boundaries

Utilize all of the timbers you want to create your perfect atmosphere both inside and outside your home.  Gooden Construction is your Only choice for quality and beautiful custom timber work.


Quality and Dependable Service

Wade Gooden is available to all his clients day or night 24/7/365 for any of your questions or concerns.  Simply call, text or e mail and he will ease all your worries.  Commitment to quality and service is just one of the many attributes you will get with Gooden Construction.

Free Estimates And Consultations

Wade Gooden offers free estimates and consultations for all types projects, re-models, additions, contemporary modern or custom timber work! Wade will walk you through every step of the process.  From floor plans to paint you will enjoy the Gooden Experience.

See What Our Clients Say

“Working with Wade Gooden has been a great experience.  We went in with little to no idea about how to proceed to build our dream home.  Wade was patient answering all our questions, providing suggestions and helping us along the way.  Wade was available anytime we needed guidance, including choosing tile on a Saturday!  Working with Wade and his team was amazing.  I know fully understand what is meant by the “Gooden Experience”!

Finding the “right” contractor

“I recall quite specifically that the first clue I had that we’ve got the “right” contractor was when Meg made mention of our concern over our ability to live in our home while construction was ongoing. Wade’s response was “Most of our clients continue to live in their homes when we do a remodeling project like this one. We do what we can to minimize the inconvenience to the client”. It became readily apparent early on that Wade and his crew do go out of their way to do exactly that”.