The Gooden Experience is more than just excellent quality, it’s the entire experience.  From start to finish on all your projects Wade will is there for every step of the way.


“Working with Wade Gooden has been a great experience.  We went in with little to no idea about how to proceed to build our dream home.  Wade was patient answering all our questions, providing suggestions and helping us along the way.  Wade was available anytime we needed guidance, including choosing tile on a Saturday!  Working with Wade and his team was amazing.  I know fully understand what is meant by the “Gooden Experience”!


“I recall quite specifically that the first clue I had that we’ve got the “right” contractor was when Meg made mention of our concern over our ability to live in our home while construction was ongoing. Wade’s response was “Most of our clients continue to live in their homes when we do a remodeling project like this one. We do what we can to minimize the inconvenience to the client”. It became readily apparent early on that Wade and his crew do go out of their way to do exactly that”.

“I actively recall the first time that I met with Wade, I was incredibly apprehensive and a bit nervous.  Going into a project with little to no knowledge was intimidating.  Wade was so very patient with me, answering all my questions openly and honestly.  When I had additional questions Wade was quick to answer them.  Wade is an excellent contractor.  He works directly with all the subcontractors directly, making my life easier!  I highly recommend Wade for any and all projects.”